• Cable TV & Internet—Spectrum – Basic cable and internet are included with HOA dues. Contact Spectrum to set up your account at 833-832-5290
  • Electric—Duke Energy – duke-energy.com 800-700-8744
  • Water—Toho Water Authority – tohowater.com 407-944-5000
    Irrigation days are Wednesday and Saturday for odd house numbers, Thursday and Sunday for even house numbers.


Waste Removal

  • Trash Collection (tan lid) is on Thursdays
  • Recycling Collection (blue lid) is on Wednesdays
  • Yard Waste Collection (in your own containers or bundled) is on Wednesdays
  • Containers can be placed on the curb as early as 6:00 PM the night before collection and must be put away the same day as collected
  • Containers should have approximately 4 ft. of space on all sides from other containers, mailboxes, and any other objects
  • Vehicles should not be blocking the containers for pickup
  • More detailed info can be found at: https://www.osceola.org/agencies-departments/public-works/solid-waste/curbside-collection-services.stml
Architectural Review (ARC)

Prior to making any changes to the physical appearance of the exterior of your property, you must submit an ARC form and receive approval.  This includes, but is not limited to painting, roof replacement, landscaping, mailboxes, solar panels, and more.  ARC forms are reviewed on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the board meeting.

The ARC form can be found by logging into portal.cmsorlando.com or by contacting [email protected]


Parking Guidelines

  • Please help us keep our neighborhood looking its best by not parking on the grass. All vehicles should be parked on paved surfaces.
  • Per Osceola County Ordinance, sidewalks should be clear of any vehicles
  • For safety and ease of access, when parking, please ensure there is enough space for emergency and other large vehicles to pass through. This also includes not blocking lines of sight near an intersection.


Noise Regulations

While you or your guests are enjoying time out by the pool or other areas of our community, please keep in mind the following regulations from Osceola County and the State of Florida

  • Quiet hours are from 10pm-7am on weekdays and 11pm-7am on weekends. This includes both music and other commotion.
  • Florida Statute 316.3045 prohibits loud music from vehicles that is plainly audible within 25 feet
Our Management Company

71 S. Central Ave. Oviedo, Fl 32765

407-359-7202 office / 407-971-1490 fax


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Alliance Association Bank

Paying your Association Dues in a timely manner ensures that your communities financial and aesthetic needs get resolved quickly, which helps maintain the value of each property in your community!  Prepayment installment options are available.  Pay securely online at:



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